Terry and Brian Jarchow - Rancho de la Florecita

We are frequently asked how we became so involved with the Peruvian Horse. This is an easy, yet complicated, question to answer. Some of it was deliberate and much of it was fate. Enjoyment of the outdoors, the beaches and mountains of California and the picturesque beauty of the lovely Santa Ynez Valley, particularly seen from the back of a horse are things that are very important to us. However, after the rigors of raising 5 children and previous back surgery, Terry was sure that her riding days were over. Then in 1981 a friend told us about the Peruvian Paso. We went to shows and searched for a year before we bought our first Peruvian - a gelding.

Our whole family immediately fell in love with this beautiful, energetic animal - especially Terry's mother. She adored the horse and talked us into buying our first mare, MASCARA, a *MANTEQUILLA daughter who has been one of the joys of our life. She has always been incredible to ride - and still is! She definitely has is all - beauty, perfect pisos, enormous energy, brio, sweet disposition - and she produces incredible foals! In Mascara, we bought the very best mare that we could afford and bred her to the best stallions that we could find. MASCARA and LA CHRISTIANITA (PAISANO) were the foundations of our very successful breeding program.

We progressed to a training center and ultimately to a large breeding farm. Together we have tried to breed the best Peruvian horses that we possibly can. We strive to breed the classic Peruvian Horse that is strong, well gaited, works hard willingly, provides smooth, comfortable and reliable transportation and possesses an even temperament. These horses are also top quality breeding, pleasure and show stock. Our National Champion horses are wonderful trail horses. A good Peruvian Horse should be able to do it all - and ours can and do all the time!