Training Center

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  • Classical Peruvian Training
  • From halter training through the bit
  • Lessons in proper Peruvian equitation
  • Open House Events and Seminars
  • Consultations and Appraisals


Enrique Sabauste

Enrique Sabauste was born in Lima, Peru where his family still resides. He graduated from La Molina University and was manager and instructor of the training and equitation of the Peruvian Horse program (La Escuelas de Chalanes) at La Molina University. Jose Antonio Otero was his mentor for many years. Enrique organized many demonstrations and parades while at La Molina University and is an expert at showing the Peruvian Horse. Enrique came to the United States in 2000 and has been working mainly in Texas. We were delighted to have him come to the Santa Ynez Valley and join the Rancho de la Florecita team in 2007. He is a real asset to our ranch.

Vicente Andalon

Vicente Andalon has been working and training at Rancho de la Florecita for 20 years. He is an incredibly patient, hard working and dedicated trainer. He really understands the Peruvian Horse. Vicente is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico and was raised on a ranch and has been training horses for most of his life. He has trained many of our champion horses


The philosophy of training at Rancho de la Florecita is very simple: "Patience is the most important aspect of training. Horses trained with care and patience reflect this throughout their lives and bring great satisfaction to their owners. Patience and more patience is what horse training is all about."

We feel strongly that great Peruvian Horses are born, not trained. However, proper training is very important to the enjoyment of these horses. Good classical training is essential as it brings out the horse's best attributes and allows the rider the best possible ride out of his particular horse.

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